À la carte

Le Chef “Artisan-Cuisinier” Michaël Chassigneux propose for you

Rabbit in aspic with tarragon, carrots, mustard ice-cream
Scampi and crispy of the pig trotters, chicory, fresh herbs sauce

Main courses
 Breton Sole, celeriac with beaufort cheese risotto, Brussels sprouts, chicken juice 30€
 Sirloin steak beef, oyster plants, apple,
          meat juice with cocoa and foie gras  30€   
Cheese Plate (Instead of the Desert + 4€)
Desert (To choose on Desert Menu)

Starter / Main dish or Main dish / Desert  39€ /  
Starter / Main dish / Desert  46€

All our dishes house made, they are prepared on site from raw products.
And can come to evolve with the market

Cheese Plate in Supplement of Menus 9€
Almond pralin panna cotta, apple in hot wine, nuts ice cream
(in supplement of the menu "Ambré" + 3,50€)
Like a intense Valrhona black chocolate tart, coconut and exotic sorbet
Lemon variation, pear and vervain
Chartreuse Iced Soufflé 
( in supplement of the menu "Ambré" + 5€)

Suggested wines by the glass to accompany your dessert

Domaine Cazes-Rivesaltes  Grenat  Bio AOC         2014    7€ (11cl)
   Gewurtz _Maison Lorentz_                                   2012    9,50€ (11cl)

Kid’s Menu 20€
The Chef will prepare one meal and one desert