À la carte

Le Chef “Artisan-Cuisinier” Michaël Chassigneux propose for you

  Bressan chicken pie crust and foie gras, pickles and mustard seeds
Fish’s ceviche, lemon and herbs, sweet potatoes cream with star anice

Main courses
 Lobster and king prawns’s  roll with herbs, shitaké mushrooms and snow pea,
                         bouillabaisse sauce     30€         
      Lamb fillet and its sweetbread’s crispy, basil pesto quinoa,
                  rocket salad and juice        30€
Cheese Plate (Instead of the Desert + 4€)
Desert (To choose on Desert Menu)

Starter / Main dish or Main dish / Desert  39€ /  
Starter / Main dish / Desert  45€

All our dishes house made, they are prepared on site from raw products.
And can come to evolve with the market

Cheese Plate in Supplement of Menus 9€
Chocolate duo and vanilla cream, kentish cherries and cherry sorbet
Bread milk french toast, apricots light mousse, aniseed coulis, sorbet
Tarragon in meringue crust and raspberry mousse, Matcha green tea ice-cream
Chartreuse Iced Soufflé 

Suggested wines by the glass to accompany your dessert

Domaine Cazes-Rivesaltes  Grenat  Bio AOC         2014    6€ (11cl)
Muscat Beaumes de Venise                                     2012    9,50€ (11cl)