Briançon restaurant

The cuisine of Michael Chassigneux is that of a lover of flavour and the changing seasons .
From foie gras to even some simple tomatoes, his creativity is used to the full to bring out the taste 
of the food with its classic side revisited.
His flair and passion being acquired during the time he spend
in Lyon, and especially when working in London with Erix Chavot as sous-chef in the 2 star Michelin 
restaurant at the Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge near Harrods.
His travels through Switzerland, Sweden, Italy , Thailand and New Caledonia have inspired him to 
discover other flavours, which he does not hesitate to include in his menus .

All of this of course is orchestrated by the velvet hand of his wife Nancy in an intimate setting
with a background of music by great artists of his personnal choice .


You can book your personalized invitation by phone or mail and tell us the full name of the guests, and your contact information . Payment can be done on site or remotely ( by check or credit card ) . Given the influx of requests we will ask you to place your order by phone during the holiday season . 

The invitation (valid 6 months) is removed locally or sent to the address of your choice upon receipt of payment . For shipping demand good gift , thank you kindly add to your mail a postage stamp at the current price (without envelope). We remain at your disposal for any questions or information .